Aba Shanti-I

Located at Southern Row / East Row

the earth rocker sound of
Jah lightening and thunder

Alongside Channel One sound system, Aba-Shant-I is one of the largest and most popular roots & culture sound systems in the world.  The brainchild of operator Joseph Smith, Aba Shanti-I has been a resident sound system at NH Carnival since 1993 and was voted the no.1 DJ in the world by DJ Magazine in the same year.

Travelling the planet to continue their mission of unifying the people through the power of roots and dub music, alongside their record label Falasha recordings, the fact is, Aba Shanti-I is one of the masters of the dub sound system.

Having grown up with a father who immigrated to England from Antigua and operated a sound system of his own, as a youth Joseph acquired first-hand experience and knowledge of the way a proper system should be controlled. In the eighties, people around London became familiar with the deejay, who, was then known as “Jasmine Joe” effortlessly gracing the microphone and playing some of the biggest tunes with Jah Tubbys sound system. Upon adopting Rastafarian culture and faith, the name “Aba Shanti-I” was then acquired along with a conscious outlook on life. Aba, as well as his brother Blood Shanti, went on to travel around England and integrate people from various nationalities, religion and culture, creating an atmosphere that was not only inviting but uplifting. They come because an Aba Shanti-I session is synonymous with a vibe, a feeling. No one at an Aba session is made to feel strange. It is not about what you look like, it's about who you are and what is in your heart!

People come to discard their worries, cast off the mental shackles from their mind, find themselves, be at peace and be free.

The vibe that Aba generates has brought them to the attention of TV and media on a worldwide basis and they have been the subject of numerous articles in domestic and foreign magazines.  This has resulted in the Aba Shanti-I sound system being invited to tour Europe on a regular basis to bring the vibe to a larger audience. Everywhere they have played they have been greeted by enthusiastic patrons who have been happy to be experience the full flavour of Aba Shanti-I and The Shanti-ites live and direct in their own backyard.

Aba Shanti-I is a truly conscious experience.






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