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Fast Facts

Member Name : Angela Essien
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : "Arts-A-LightTM"
Music  Type : Afrobeats, Urban Gospel, Soulful House, Soul & "Gospellypsoca"  (new British music created by "Arts-A-Light" –a fusion of Gospel, Calypso & Soca)
Contact : Email Angela Essien
Carnival  Location: Bonchurch Road at junction
with Portobello Rd




“Arts-A-Light™” Static Sounds System hosts a unique blend of Soulful House, Gospel, Afrobeats and Classic Soul. As an urban alternative, it is a place to savour the richness of 'good vibes' Black music away from the hectic heart of Carnival. “Arts-A-Light™” is where traditional and original carnival music roots and genres come together in a fusion. This is where tradition meets the modern in Gospel, African, Calypso, Soca, Afrobeats, Urban Gospel, Soulful House, Garage and Classic Soul music.


Hosted by BBC Radio (1Xtra Vibrations Programme Presenter) alumni and Bristol Carnival veteran DJ Fitz, we have hosted DJ Edu (1Xtra's Destination Africa Presenter) along with Galaxy Radio's award winning mixologist Asante over the past few years. Together, they’ve invited guests/acts to spread the good vibe and take West London on a musical journey that put a smile on every face. As “Arts-A-Light™ Extra-Ordinary Acts in Action in Ordinary Art’, we invite people to ‘come alive, be alight, live a light, stay alight and get a light’.


“Art-A-Light™” is a new Static Sounds System that brings a fresh and unique Sound to Notting Hill Carnival. At its heart is the communal care especially of young people and families in Carnival. Our intention is to inspire and uplift Carnival veterans and visitors alike through good, clean quality music. “Arts-A-Light™” Static Sounds System is strategically located and is therefore able to create a healthy and safe environment for people and families to enjoy carnival whilst entertaining, inspiring and motivating them to explore their natural talents, embrace their identity and purpose through music, media, performing and creative arts and crafts. This also means that we work with and develop annual themes. “Arts-A-Light™” attracts young people at Carnival due to the Surprise Vibrant Guest Acts and Artistes ranging from live theatrical performances and choirs to acrobats.


“Arts-A-Light™” Sounds-System is a sister group to “The Bride” Outreach [“The Bride” for short] in the carnival procession both of which are affiliates/arms of the Eyukamba Foundation “Arts-A-Light™” (Eyukamba Foundation for short)  that has been associated with the Notting Hill Carnival since 1994. Through the foundation which was founded in 1992, “Arts-A-Light™” hopes to continue the foundation’s twenty year old tradition, vision and motto of “Breaking moulds, laying foundations and building through the Arts”.  “Arts-A-Light™” Sounds-System hopes to continue the tradition of embracing the next generation of carnival revellers in the diverse city of London in this current location where it started in 2009.



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