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BASS Member Profile



Fast Facts

Member Name : Cecil Gail
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : CMC/Matrix Sound System
Music Type : Drum & Bass
Contact : Email Cecil Gail

Carnival Location :

All Saints Road
opposite Pelican PH



For the past 20 years CMC has dominated the Drum and Bass stage at Notting Hill Carnival, moving from site to site endeavouring to find a spot big enough to accommodate the ever-growing number of followers, eventually settling on All Saints Road.
The sound system now known as CMC Matrix was established in the early 70’s by Cecil Gall Snr, and was known as ‘Trojan 7’, playing reggae and soul at house parties. Cecil Gall Jnr took control of the  sound from his father in the late 70’s and later renamed it ‘Studio Two’. He continued to play the same music his father had previously  played right up to the mid 80’s when Cecil decided to change the name to CMC Roadshow - a new musical phenomenon was born!
For more information visit: http:                                                                           w cmcmatrixsoundstystem.co.uk


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