Disco Hustlers

Located at Powis Square

entertaining diverse audiences up and down the country

Disco Hustlers was created back in 1998 by John Thompson aka DJ Giovanni and Raymond Hale aka Mister Hustler. John emerged from the London club scene in the later part of the nineties, whilst Ray had established himself in 'Drum and Bass'. Frustrated by commercialism but dedicated and passionate about dance music they set up their own sound system with dreams of playing at Carnival.

The opportunity arose in 2009 when they were awarded their current location and joined by the trusty engineer Andrew Furlong (every sound system needs one). Andy was shortly followed by Michael Chin (aka The Dalotek Affair) returning from Holland with a tasteful style of European Techno House, together with Simon Furlong (aka DJ sci-fi) with his diverse fluid Reggae and Dub beats. With the 'Hustlers' now on Carnival track they also needed a cool MC. This is where Malcolm Farrell (aka’ MC Cheeky Checky Banten) came on board thus completing the ‘DiscoHustlers’ flavour & niceness.

This cocktail of talent was the perfect concoction of the technology, musical style and structure for the far more established Disco Hustlers that we find at Carnival today.





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The BASS member sound systems are predominantly made up of the Sound Systems that you will find located at the annual London Notting Hill Carnival (Europe's largest street festival) which takes place every year over 2 days, during the August Bank Holiday weekend in London. 

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