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BASS Member Profile

G.I. Roadshow


Fast Facts

Member Name : Andrew Okocha
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : G.I. Roadshow
Music Type : Reggae, Bashment, Salsa, R&B  
Contact : 07956287132
Carnival Location : Adella Street



G I Roadshow (Good Intentions) was established in 1987 by Andrew (Megas). We have members like Rosie, Mark (D Science) and Oniel. Mickey performs the role of a mike man at large and very important events. We play at a variety of functions including private parties, charitable events, corporate functions, as well as local community events. We are currently resident at a local pub in Camberwell every Friday, playing along side R.S. Digital of Good Feelinz Roadshow Sound. We are also hired by several of South London's hottest nightspots. These include: Scenarios Diamonds Porkys La Fez Waves Promotion &The Brewers

We have also participated in quite a few stage shows throughout England and Wales with such acts as Merciless, Alton Ellis, Everton Blender, Bunny Wailer and Mark Morrison and warm up for 1998 World Gold Cup Clash (Temple), to name but a few.

Quite recently we have worked with a radio presenter in Germany and went on to play in Austria and Germany.

In the past I have worked with quite a few London radio stations but I am currently concentrating on working with the local community, as well as private functions.

As you will see from above, we have been working for well over a decade and are pleased that we have built up a fantastic clientele who continue to work with us time and time again and kindly recommend us to others.


We feel that the 2007 Notting Hill Carnival was a great success this year because it was a peaceful enjoyable event over the two days. The Sunday is called "children's day" but on the Monday, there were equal amounts of families with very small children to be seen everywhere which reiterates the point that the event has become safer over the years. Where we were positioned, we could see a steady stream of floats going by followed by adults and children in exotic costumes with different themes. Then behind them were members of the public who were happily dancing away in the hazy sunshine in the afternoon. Members of the public would stop by and dance to the music being played by my sound system, G I Roadshow and they would stay with us for some time as not only did they have the opportunity of listening to an eclectic mix of music from different genres, but there was the aromas of a wonderful selection of Caribbean food nearby, which added to the atmosphere. Overall, the Carnival was a huge success of which we thoroughly enjoyed participating in and will continue to do so, going forward. G.I Roadshow would like to thank the following djs and sounds for making this years Carnival an enjoyable event: Woman of Moods Mix Master J RS Digital G Rocky of Renegade International Sham and the Musical Touch crew D Science JJ and mc Sharky Cooney G


Please visit our website: http://www.giroadshow.com


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