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BASS Member Profile

Gaz's Rockin Blues


Fast Facts

Member Name : Gary Mayall
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : Gaz's Rockin' Blues
Music Type : Classis Ska, Revival,
New Orleans R&B
Contact : Email Gaz Mayall
Carnival Location: Talbot Road o/s no.103



Gaz Mayall of Gaz's Rockin' Blues, longest running one-nighter in London. Started the club in 1980, which is basically a sound-system in a sweaty basement night club in Soho. First came to carnival in 1976 and not missed one yet. First DJ'd at the carnival in 1982 and first performed with his band, the forerunners of The Trojans, in 1983. Has been spinning tunes and performing live at carnival pretty much every year since. First set up the sound outside The Globe, 103 Talbot Road, in the late 80's with his brother Jason Mayall, who had been the manager of The Globe for two or three years.  They have remained at that location to this day. Multi-cultural good vibes, aimed at the entire cross section of the people who live and come to the area for the biggest street party in Europe. Amongst the great DJ's that spin the classics form the birth of sound-system days in the 50's through to now, is the legendary DJ Duke Vin, the pioneer of sound in Jamaica since the 40's, as well as a host of all the top DJ's from Gaz's club.

Please visit our website: http://www.gazrockin.com


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