Gaz's Rockin Blues

Located at Talbot Road outside the Globe

Artistic excellence
in more forms than one

Gaz Mayall is a DJ who hosts London's longest running one-nighter Gaz's Rockin' Blues. He occasionally plays live with his ska band The Trojans. He first began Gaz's Rockin' Blues in July 1980 after a few guest appearances at the Two-Tone club, Oxford Street in 1979.

The eldest son of Blues legend John Mayall, Gaz was raised on a musical diet of R&B and was dragged around every beat, pop & rock festival and venues throughout the sixties as a child. First becoming a lifelong fan of reggae as a kid on the football terraces in the skin head era circa 1968-72.

Gaz began collecting records aged 17, bulk buying cheap reggae and ska collections down street markets such as Portbello Road and Brick Lane at a time when it seemed that nobody wanted them. Also a great fan of boogie woogie, rock'n'roll, traditional Irish music, funk and world music, Gaz, heavily influenced by a family friend (Radio One DJ and blues musician Alexis Korner), pursued his love of music in earnest and now has a world famous collection of predominantly black dance music ranging from the first tribal drum beats to the latest drum&bass.  

Gaz first DJ'd at the carnival in 1982 and first performed with his band, the forerunners of The Trojans the following year. Has been spinning tunes and performing live at this historical carnival site every year since, along with his brother Jason Mayall, who had been a manager of The Globe previously. Every year they come up with a different artistic theme to dress the stage and surroundings accordingly, which involves months of planning and weeks of building and preparation.Their multi-cultural good vibe is aimed at the entire cross section of people who live and come to the area. Amongst the great DJs renowned for spinning classics from the birth of sound-system days was the legendary DJ Duke Vin (R.I.P.) the pioneer of sound in Jamaica. 

If you're in the area on Carnival weekend, it's well worth given them a shout.


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