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BASS Member Profile

Gladdy Wax's Road Show


Fast Facts

Member Name : Gladdy Wax
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : Gladdy Wax's Road Show
Music Type : Roots & Culture, Reggae, Ska
Contact : Email Gladdy Wax
Carnival Location: Portobello Road
adjacent to 304/306



The Gladdy Wax Road Show is the brain child of chief proprietor Gladwin Wright, specialising in presenting captivating Reggae, Ska, Soul and Rhythm & Blues to a wide variety of festivals and clubs across the UK. His in-depth knowledge of Reggae and R&B history enables him to effectively manage his own music website: ReggaeUnlimited.com which, "delivers the heartbeat of Jamaica to your door". He has also road managed and undertaken PR for a number of Reggae stars including Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and Freddie McGregor. Gladwin was recognised with an award for his contribution to the British Black Music Industry at the 2001 Black History Month Awards ceremony, held at the Ocean in London - and honoured with a Veteran Salute Award for outstanding contribution to the community and the development of world music by the King Don Organization of Birmingham in the summer of 2004. Gladwin successfully ran his highly renowned Wax Unlimited Record Store which, traded for 14 years in the heart of Stoke Newington, North London. The shop was seen as a pillar in providing record buyers across Europe with a supreme catalogue of new and collectors records between 1992 and 2006 - and is viewed by countless music hotshots as a much missed landmark live outlet of Jamaican Music. The Gladdy Wax Road Show houses one of the most comprehensive and crystal clear sounding High Power Sound Systems in the UK, and attracts countless music experts and music fans the world over. Playing for more than 40 years, Gladdy as he’s affectionately called, is unparalleled in the world of DJaying. With a wealth of experience in radio presenting, including prime time slots on WNK and bouts of guest appearances on BBC London 94.9FM in the early 90s, Gladdy has certainly made and continues to make his mark with a collage of memorable shows, both in the community and commercial world of radio. He boasts probably one of the most impressive record collections ever ensembled - and is globally heralded as a key figure in the establishment and proliferation of Jamaican music and the continuation of the traditional Jamaican Sound System in the UK. Today, Gladwin remains one of the worlds leading Reggae, Ska and Rhythm & Blues intelligentsia, and continues to share his rich musical heritage with people of all races. This is "The Immortal Vinyl Fingers" - This is Gladdy Wax & The Gladdy Wax Road Show.


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