Lord Gellys

Located outside 47 Cambridge Gardens

the hardest working
sound in London

London - Kingston - Miami 
Back in 1953, an eleven year old boy used to look up to his father who was a musician teaching people how to play musical instruments. At that time back in Jamaica, Fitzgerald (Farda) Gelly started following a sound called King Lattibuddier and he eventually joined it.

In 1961, Fitzgerald came to England and started doing a blues spot alongside his friend Mr Mullins. This progressed to playing at weddings and other blues parties. However, his love for music fuelled him to start his own sound system called Lord Gellys which was formed in 1964.

Most of the original sound members come from a musical or sound system background and are from different parts of the world (Jamaica, Grenada, New York and London).

Classifying themselves as a juggling sound, Gellys is always up for a sound clash. Farda Gelly says: "if it come to the case of clashing, we can defend weself". Gelly's sound system has a huge popularity in London and generally still playing out every week. The sound system has toured the UK, France, Belgium, Jamaica, and the USA.

Gellys has a large crew including selectors (Andrew Fresh Kid, Mikey G, Glamma G, Phil Silver) who get together regularly to discuss ideas for dubs. The New York connection comes from Crazy Ric who was raised in the USA where he created his own sound (King Odyssey), which eventually 'merged' as he puts it, with Lord Gellys. Phil Silver is the engineer who maintains the system, originally coming from Addis Ababa and Construction ESQ sound systems. Another veteran of the Gelly entourage is Yellow Man who was inspired to get into the business by Saxon sound system and has not looked back since.

None of the sound members could imagine doing anything apart from being in the sound business, As for the future, Farda Gelly wants to go 'up the ladder until the four corners of the earth can say I've heard of Lord Gellys', but their message to their fans is for them to keep on supporting Lord Gellys because they're here and they're here to stay. 





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