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BASS Member Profile

Mangrove Sound


Fast Facts

Member Name : Clive Phillip
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : Mangrove Sound
Music Type : Soca
Contact : 07903 181 941
Carnival Location : All Saint's Road o/s no. 3




The Mangrove Sounds System is probably the first and original Sound System location to be at Carnival. In the past this location played host to famous singers like 'Eddie Grant' and local sound systems like, 'Sledgehammer', 'Java', 'Special  Edition', 'Black Patch' and the mighty 'Rapattack'. Judging by the name, there's obviously a lot of history that surrounds Mangrove, which has been based on the All Saints Road (formerly known as the front-line), Ladbroke Grove for as long as can be remembered.


The All Saints Road is the street where the Carnival originated and the concept of this Sound System was founded by the forefathers of the original 'Mangrove Nine'. The 'Mangrove Nine' were 'instrumental in the Home Secretary's decision to commission a report into the growth of black power and an unofficial independent enquiry into police/black relations' back in the 1970's. The Mangrove bears its name from the restaurant and community association which was set up by the infamous Frank Critchlow (1932 – 2010 r.i.p.) in the 1960's. The local Caribbean community regarded the Mangrove restaurant as a 'social centre', or 'unofficial advice bureau' and after police raids in 1970, it became 'a symbol of black enterprise and resistance'. With an enormous following of supporters (most of whom have originated in Trinidad), the Mangrove Sound System is part of an award winning enterprise of Carnival entertainment that includes the Mangrove Mas (costume) band and the Mangrove Steel Band who are one of the largest/most travelled and professional Steelbands in Britain. Born out of the vision and determination of Trinidadian's living in the Notting Hill area in a quest to introduce the culture of 'back home' and Carnival to the local youths of the community. This was to ensure that Caribbean art forms were handed down from generation to generation. The Mangrove Sound System takes over the spot when its sister (the steel band float) raises anchor to venture out on the Carnival route. 'Needless to say, the flavour is predominantly Caribbean and Soca, although reggae and other niceties are to be heard throughout the Carnival days.

Thanks to Alistair Roberts (Rapattack) and James Proctor (Black Historian): Dwelling Places: Postwar Black British Writing.





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