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BASS Member Profile

Nasty Love (Mixin Lab)


Fast Facts

Member Name: Andrew
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound   System: Nasty Love (Mixin Lab)
Music Type :

R'n'B, Reggae, Bashment, Roots, Revival.

Contact : click here to Email
Carnival   Location : outside no. 41 Colville Gdns


Nasty Love (Mixin Lab)


Nasty-Love (Mixin Lab) is known to be the sister sound to the legendary Nasty-Rockers, which today still exhibits its heavy clash and dancehall music as one of the biggest sound systems in the UK.

Nasty-Love is the brainchild of a few of the original members of the Nasty-Rockers family which was formed in 1979. Nasty-Love brought a new style of presenting reggae music to the dance world. This style was to become the way forward for all sounds that were active and intelligent enough to follow suit. It presented a situation of  redundancy for MC’s &  DJ’s who rapped and sung on the reggae versions (instrumentals), replacing this with the sound effect and vocal introductions played on, two, three or even four turntables simultaneously on the beat- a style which is now called ‘Dancehall Jugglin’.

Nasty-Love attracts a most strong and predominant following of female patrons wherever the sound system plays. Nasty-Love has flavour, music, presenters and sound systems to stand alone or to challenge any sound that is prepared for a challenge. For the past two decades Nasty-Love is still regarded as the no1. ‘Jugglin’ sound in the UK; with their pioneering style which has dominated the Dance Hall scene until today. Although most of the original Nasty Love/Nasty Rockers team are now in their fifties they still manage to perform 10-20 times a year as a full unit, which has proven to be well appreciated by their die hard fans.

Nasty-Love Mixin Lab takes particular steps once a year to string up their monstrous sound system at the worlds famous ‘Notting Hill Carnival’. So check them out to experience your sound system fantasy evolve into reality, with the best presentation that one could expect. Please bare in mind this is the ‘nastiest sound in the world’ and if the sound system itself doesn’t capture you- the music certainly will.

For security reasons- the members of the sound system prefer to remain anonymous, although they can be seen performing and shining during all dance sessions, just for the love of music, sound system and most of all, ‘YOU THE PEOPLE’.

WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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