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BASS Member Profile

People's Sound System


Fast Facts

Member Name : Daddy Vego
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound   System : People's Sound System
Music Type :

Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Dub, Lovers Rock, Roots, Ragga, R&B Soca, Jazz, Blues Soul Dancehall


Contact : click here to Email
Carnival   Location : outside 11 All Saints Road


Original People's Sound & Records


Peoples Sound System is located directly outside the world famous ‘Original People’s Sound Records’ shop, which is managed by the founder 'Daddy Vego'. This legendary shop in the heart of Notting Hill at 11 All Saints Road, London W11 has a huge range of vinyl and cd's from around the world. Rare vinyl imports sit alongside homegrown UK music - all having the same common theme - a celebration of Jamaican music and culture. This theme is obviously presented expertly at the Carnival and certainly as expected and where reggae music is concerned, you most definitely will be taken ‘back to your roots’.

Daddy Vego first came to the UK from Jamaica and has been a resident in Notting Hill from the 1950’s. He is one of the last surviving members of a group of Jamaicans who have been utterly influential in promoting Jamaican music and culture in the UK. Daddy Vego was instrumental in championing Jamaican reggae music - through his love of the country and the music it has generated in all its forms. From his early days in the UK, Daddy Vego has promoted and supported the development of Jamaican reggae music and continues to make a positive impact through his love of music and its origins. He was the original 'Selector' for the UK's first sound system and played each night for seven years at the 'Roaring Twenties Club' in London's West End. A host of famous people visit the site and some of the music business' most renowned music producer's come here to hang out and also to buy their music at one of London’s’ last surviving independent record shops.

Music includes:
Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Dub, Lovers Rock, Roots, Ragga, Jungle, Soca, R & B, Jazz, Blues Soul and Dancehall which are also available from the shop in vinyl, cassettes and CD format.


For more information visit:  http://www.peoplessound.co.uk






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