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Fast Facts

Member Name : Alistair Roberts
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System: Rapattack
Music Type: Old Skool, Soul, Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop, 70s/80s/90's Classics, Rare Groove, House and Garage
Contact: Email Alistair Roberts
Carnival Location: All Saint's Road o/s no.23



Rapattack was first established by the Master MC and Mellow Milt back in 1984. Having both dabbled with promotions and with the Master MC DJing as an ongoing hobby, they decided to put their experience together and develop a new concept in partying and clubbing.
This was all based around a state of the art Sound-system, together with the new New York styled musical presentation in the form of mastermixing on the then rare Technics SL 1200 turntables.
After deciding on the name Rapattack, underground house parties on Saturday nights were what really got the ball rolling and very soon warehouse parties attracting over 5000 people were playing a part in building the name, and building a regular Rapattack crowd - "the Rapattack family!" which today is truly multicultural.
"Basically it all started and was all about putting on great parties, with great music for music lovin funky people in this great city of London!"
Value for money, 100% professionalism, classy people and music that is appealing to all- being played on crystal clear, near perfect, quality sound has always been the trademark of Rapattack.
AND THE REST IS HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For more information on Rapattack’s past click here

Expect to visualise the authentic

and classical art of 'turntableism'

with original vinyl recordings.

 CD's/mp3's/laptops not permitted for DJ sets


Investing in Carnival
Rapattack is one the premier and most largest sound systems at Carnival, with highly skilled members who feed into operational issues, liaising with the local authorities, Metropolitan Police, the Greater London Authority amongst other stake holders and also ECCA (Executive Committee of Carnival Arts) which is a major part of the operational body that organises the entire Carnival event as a whole.
Rapattack continue to be one of the very few DJ outfits that can perform on their very own soundsystem, which is upgraded every year to meet with new developments in technology.
Sponsorship opportunities at Carnival







Rapattack are...
popular, professional and marketable
Why not choose Rapattack at Carnival to market your brand….


Past and present client list include the likes of T Mobile, the BBC, Richard Branson's Virgin Brand, Grace Products, Red Stripe, Kylie Minogue, Thomas Burberry, Walt Disney, L.A Gear, as well as actors such as Lenny Henry amongst others (including independent companies) who have chosen us for the marketing opportunities as well as parties. At Carnival you never know just who's gonna be there.

It certainly is the place to be -

- the place to get noticed.      



Click here to visit the official Rapattack website for more information

Carnival music policy
Rapattack started out as a 100% soul/funk DJ outfit which today has developed into one of the most well known names in the British Club/Dance & music industry being able to specialise & cater for all ages & various musical tastes, including Soul, Jazz, Oldskool Hip-hop (early rap), U.K. & U.S. Garage amongst many others. However, Rapattack's claim to fame is due mainly to what we can only describe as the 'party style', which is a mixture of classic soul, funk and popular dance tracks ranging from the 70's to the present day. With this vast amount of musical knowledge and expertise to hand, it's no wonder why Rapattack are continuously chosen to provide DJ's and sound systems for corporate clients as well as private parties, functions, weddings & events.
For more information click here to visit the website www.rapattack.co.uk

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