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BASS Member Profile

Sancho Panza


Fast Facts

Member Name : Jim Angell
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : Sancho Panza
Music Type : Funky House
Contact : Email Sancho Panza
Website : Visit sanchopanza.org
Carnival Location : Not currently appearing




DJs Jim Angell and Matt Brown are Sancho Panza. It began in a basement in north London on New Years Eve 1992.

Along the way they've danced in warehouses, film studios, photography studios, old cinemas, old embassies, old gymnasiums, on boats up and down the Thames, in Rio de Janeiro, on the streets of Notting Hill and on a light up dance floor.

Since winning the Best Decorated Sound System at the ’94 Carnival things have got bigger and better for the Sancho Panza guys, who moved from Bonchurch Street to their current home on Middle Row in 1996. Where you’d normally find mothers gossiping outside school gates, revellers from all over London, and indeed the world, let their hair down to the sweet sounds of what can only be described as Carnival House, with it’s Latin vibe and massive instrumentalism.

The popularity of Sancho Panza at Carnival has lead on to big things for Matt and Jimmy, including appearances at Glastonbury Festival and the release of their own double CD (appropriately named Carnival).

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Sancho Panza’s Carnival appearances is the guest DJ. These days the boys are often reluctant to announce who will be playing alongside them, partly to keep an air of mystery about their appearance and partly to make sure people are coming to see Sancho, not just their special guest... so who knows who might be showing up this year.

The sunny sounds of Sunday’s Sancho set are perfect for dancing and enjoying the atmosphere, the uplifting beats and the company of your fellow Carnival-goers. Monday however, sees a darker side, with a more underground feel to the music, a must for hardcore fans of dance music.

Essentially Sancho Panza is motivated by simple philosophies: beauty is in the detail, anything is possible, and there's nothing wrong with a bit of sing-a-long...

(edited from sancho profile and my village.com portowebbo)



For more information please visit: http://www.sanchopanza.org




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