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BASS Member Profile

Sir Valdez


Fast Facts

Member Name : Walter Etienne
Job Title : Sound Leader
Sound System : Sir Valdez
Music Type : R&B, Hip-Hop, Ragga
Carnival Location:  Golburne Road on precinct
behind Prince Arthur pub




Sir Valdez is another one of the Carnival's most established sound systems.  Its founder, a DJ named Sir Walter Riley (the Dude), started playing at Carnival with the original Studio One Sound System back in 1975. The Sir Valdez Sound officially started in 1978 and were residents at the famous 'All Nations' nightclub in Hackney until it finally closed its doors to the public after being sold to developers 21 years later. Travelling the circuit playing internationally in Italy and France, the Valdez Sound System have also been involved in many sound clashes in Jamaica. Sir Valdez is one of the few Sound Systems that still retains and can boast its original line-up of DJ-selectors (Squid and Doctor) who have the experience of entertaining a mature crowd with a catalogue of sweet reggae music. The atmosphere to be experienced with Sir Valdez at Carnival is just electric. Plans for the future is for the system to be passed on to the young-blood (Sir Valdez's son) who intends to carry on in his fathers, footsteps and wants to rename the System 'Celebrity Blueprint'.



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